Syracuse Stage Holding Local Equity Auditions May 21 and 22

(Syracuse, NY)—Syracuse Stage will hold local Equity auditions on May 21 and 22 for several roles in the upcoming 2015/16 Season. Those auditioning should be members of Actors’ Equity Association, and should come prepared to perform one dramatic monologue and one comedic monologue. Each monologue should not exceed one minute in length. A headshot and resume will also be required. To schedule an audition, please call Chris Botek at 315-443-4008.

Those who are cast must be available for all rehearsals and performances. More information about each show is available at



The Underpants

By Steve Martin
Directed by Bill Fennelly
October 21 – November 8, 2015
General description: Seeking a strong, playful and fearless acting company who is excellent with language, comedy and dialects.

Theo Maske: (30 – 40 yrs.). A burly muscular fireplug of a man with a buzz cut! A man of his time and his country! Overtly masculine. Conservative in his ideas about the roles of men and women in society. He is lower working class with aspirations of a much higher middle class status. Seeking an actor with an excellent German dialect.

Louise Maske: (20-30 yrs.).  Very pretty, mid-twenties, Theo’s dutiful, obedient and faithful wife. Delightful, charming, and warm. She is an ideal woman of her time but as the world around her begins to change she begins to discover and harness her true power. Seeking an actor with an excellent German dialect.

Gertrude Deuter: (30-40 yrs.).  The neighbor upstairs. A matronly busybody who lives vicariously through Louise. She is a woman with deep but hidden/repressed passions. Must be capable of an excellent German dialect.

Frank Versati: (30-50 yrs.).  An elegant Italian gentleman and poet who seeks out Louise. This actor will also play the German King. Must be capable of excellent Italian and German dialects as well as lithe and athletic physical comedy.

Benjamin Cohen: (30-40 yrs.).  Sickly, short, thin and asthmatic. A German Jew. He is shrewd in navigating the world around him both the threats and opportunities. Must have an excellent German/Jewish dialect.

Klinglehoff: (60-80 yrs.).  An elderly man. An extremely old fashion widower and a prude. Must have an excellent German dialect.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Adapted by Christopher Sergel
From the novel by Harper Lee
Directed by Timothy Bond
February 24 – March 26, 2016

Atticus Finch: Male, (40s-50s), white. Father of Scout and Jem. Strongly believes in justice, as he is an attorney for Maycomb County. Assigned to represent Tom Robinson.

Calpurnia: Female, (45-55), black. Housekeeper who has looked after Scout and Jem since their mother has passed away. Has a strong influence on the children.

Mrs. Dubose: Female, (60s-70s), white. Neighbor of Atticus Finch and the family. Bad tempered widow who is in ill health.

Walter Cunningham/ Judge Taylor: Male, (50s), white. Walter Cunningham is a client of Atticus, as well as a farmer. Poor, but proud. Judge Taylor is a very stern, smart judge who does not take any non-sense.

Jean Louise Finch: Female, (Early 30s) white. Scout grown older. Sensitive, strong, expressive, humane. From Alabama. Narrates the play.

Heck Tate: Male, late (40-50), white. Calm and collected town sheriff.

Bob Ewell/Mr. Radley: Male, late (45-50). White. Bob Ewell is a poor man who is singly raising eight children. He is racist and comes off very mean. Mr. Radley is Boo’s older brother and acts as his guardian. Attempts to stop the indirect communication between Boo and the children.

Rev. Sykes:  Male, (55-60s), black. Minister to an African-American congregation in town.

Mr.Gilmer/ Boo Radley: Male, (Early 40s), white. Mr. Gilmer is the prosecuting attorney for the Tom Robinson case. Boo Radley is a rather mysterious character that never steps out of his house, and causes fascination amongst the townspeople, especially to Scout and Jem. He attempts an indirect friendship with the children.

Tom Robinson: Male, (20s-30s), black. Compassionate and honest, and wrongfully accused of raping a white woman.

The Christians

By Lucas Hnath
Directed by Timothy Bond
April 6 – 24, 2016

Paul: Male, (40s-60s), any race/ethnicity. A pastor who is good at his job. Charismatic and sincere. He has confidence and a strong sense of morals without arrogance. 

Elizabeth: Female, (40s-60s), any race/ethnicity.  Paul’s wife. A rock for Paul and the entire congregation. Has deep convictions, is thoughtful and intelligent. Emotionally honest but not sentimental. 

Joshua: Male, (20s-40s), any race/ethnicity. The associate pastor. Had a difficult childhood and lost his mother too early. Challenges Paul’s beliefs without being abrasive. Strong sense of integrity and honesty.

Jay: Male, (50s-60s), any race/ethnicity. Represents the board of the church, respects Paul but is alarmed by the controversy. Tries to be the voice of reason.

Jenny: Female, (30s-40s), any race/ethnicity. A congregant. Single mother who is struggling financially.  Curious and direct; unafraid to confront Paul with difficult questions.

Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Based on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle
Directed by Peter Amster
May 11 – 29, 2016

Sherlock Holmes: (30’s-40’s), any race/ethnicity. Tall, thin, an oddball, great language skills, great RP dialect, a comedian with a very fast engine. “Lean and moody, a bundle of energy and intelligence.”

Doctor Watson: (30’s-50’s), any race/ethnicity. Former athlete, good-natured, pleasant, but able to turn into a man of action when the situation calls for it. Great language skills, good RP dialect. “Solid and reliable.”

Actor One: (30’s-50’s), any race/ethnicity. A “character actor” who is a clown and a chameleon, able to do a variety of characters and voices, good with a variety of British dialects.

Actor Two: (20’s-40), any race/ethnicity. A “leading man” type who is really a clown and a chameleon, able to do a variety of characters and voices, good with a variety of British dialects.  In good physical shape for stage combat stuff.

Actress: (20’s-40’s), any race/ethnicity. A comedienne who can do a variety of characters, ages, and voices, good with British dialects.



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