We were honored to recieve the 2015 “Mattie Letham Community Leadership Excellence Award” from Aurora of Central New York for excellence in accessibility programing. This award is given to organizations who make outstanding contributions toward promoting independence and opportunity for people with sensory loss. Read More

Syracuse Stage is committed to making the theatre experience accessible to all by providing the following accommodations: ASL Interpretation, Audio Description, Audio Enhancement, Open Captioning, and Wheelchair Accessibility. For more information about these programs, please see below.

As a reminder, Syracuse Stage offers infrared hearing devices at all performances, for patrons with up to 70% hearing loss, and headsets can be reserved free of charge through the Box Office (315-443-3275) or at the Coat Room before curtain.

ASL Interpreted Performance Series:

An American Sign Language-Interpreted performance is offered for every production. For the most advantageous viewing, be sure to mention your interest in sign-interpretation when reserving tickets.

Audio Description:

Audio Description is usually available the third Saturday matinee of every production. A live narrator audio-describes for patrons who are blind or visually impaired. A pre-performance description of sets and costumes begins 30 minutes prior to curtain, and visual details are verbalized during the performance. When ordering tickets through the Box Office (315-443-3275) be sure to reserve a headset (at no extra cost). Audio descriptions will usually be scheduled for the last Saturday matinee (3 PM) performance of a show, however, it may be possible to accommodate alternate dates.

Audio Enhancement:

Available at every performance. Syracuse Stage offers an infrared hearing system for patrons with up to 70% hearing loss. Headsets can be reserved free of charge through the Box Office (315-443-3275) or at the Coat Room before curtain.

Open Captioning:

Open Captioning is provided for one evening and two matinee performances of every production. A small screen, placed to the right side of the stage, displays text corresponding to the play's dialogue and other sounds. Open Captioning can be viewed from most seats in the theatre. However, for the most advantageous viewing, please contact the Box Office.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

Syracuse Stage is wheelchair accessible. Please call the Box Office at 315-443-3275 to arrange wheelchair seating.

Relaxed / Sensory Friendly Performances:

Relaxed and Sensory Friendly performances provide a welcoming environment that lets all patrons express themselves freely without judgment or inhibition. These live theatre experiences invite and encourage individuals with autism, ADD, ADHD, dementia, and sensory sensitivities to enjoy the performance in a "shush-free" zone.

All tickets for Relaxed / Sensory Friendly performances are $25 and include a 100% refund right up to the start of the show. Tickets can be reserved by calling the Box Office at 315-443-3275.


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