FAQ: Virtual Streaming On Demand


How do the other people in my group watch it?

If you have purchased multiple links, you will need to share this email with members of your viewing party and carefully coordinate who is using which link. If you only have one link and need more, please contact the Box Office about purchasing additional links.


It is asking me for a code?

When you click on the blue link, it should automatically populate your code on the video access screen. If it does not, you can copy and paste the code from your email. 


How long do I have to watch it?

Each link gives you 48 hours of access. 


Is closed captioning available?

Closed captioning will be available but it takes longer for us to program and upload. It is typically loaded by the second week. 


Can I watch it on my TV?
When connecting devices:
- It may cause the video and/or sound to delay
- It may require you to control the video (pause, play, etc.) through the original device, not the TV or TV remote.

Smart TV:
- Access your email on your TV and use the link we sent
- Access your email on a separate device and "cast" it to your TV. (Exact instructions depend on your specific device. Please check Google or YouTube for specific instructions.)

Non-Smart TV:
If your TV and your device both have HDMI ports, simply connect with a HDMI cable and change the source on your TV (similar to using a Roku or DVD player).


Can I test my setup without starting my 48 hour access?

Sign up for a Test Video HERE


How do I fast-forward or rewind?

If you are having trouble locating these controls, try minimizing the view. Or if you are casting to a TV or secondary device, try using the main device to control it. 


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